Hi everyone!

I hope you enjoyed the lecture from Lanterna and I am sorry I didn’t have the time my self to listen to them. What they are saying is usually very good and I hope you found it useful for your studies.

They would appreciate if you could fill in this survey. Please do so.

Information about next week, PreDp16 and DP15

PreDp16: Tuesday 4 April 10.45-12.00 in 719, participating in school’s ”sex- och samlevnadsdag”. You will meet RFSU.

PreDp16 and DP15: Wednesday 5 April 10.00-10.40 in Stora Björn, presentation by Glion institute for higher education.

Dp15: Wednesday 5 April 10.45-12.00, participating in school’s ”sex- och samlevnadsdag”, You will meet Axel Lilja.

Also, Wednesday 5 April at 16-18 interviews will be held with candidates applying to next year’s predp. If you want to join in one or another way, please let me know.


PreDp – To choose subjects

When choosing subjects for the IB Diploma Programme:

  1. First information: mentor’s time Wednesday 1 February.
  2. Information about Economics: Monday 6 February at 10.50 in 721.
  3. Ask questions to students from DP14 and DP15: Wednesday 8 February, mentor’s time.
  4. Information about English B: Wednesday 8 February at (approx.) 15.00 in 731.
  5. Information about Psychology: Monday 13 February at 10.50 in 721.

Hand in your preliminary choices, using this form, in week 9.

Ask questions to your teachers and other IB-students. And me 🙂

If you wish to have another subject than included in the form, write down your wishes on a separate piece of paper and hand in together with the form.

Here is the information about the ”tisustest”, if you are considering Swedish B but want to study in Swedish universities.

Here you can find IBO:s information about the subjects.

Here you can find information about studying law in U.S.

In the menu you can find other useful links for studying abroad after IB.